4th Annual Bend Beer Chase

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 

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Cascade Relays Foundation


One day, One van, One relay race to celebrate the amazing craft breweries of Central Oregon with your friends!

Join us for the 4th Annual Bend Beer Chase – a unique, one day “beer relay” featuring the region’s best brews!

We’re bringing our relay style to the one day relay world – with a great course that features the best of Central Oregon’s breweries. Relay with your friends and experience 20+ breweries in one day!

There are two different ways to experience the Bend Beer Chase:
  1. One day relay with 1-6 people: One van, one day relay of ~50 miles of awesomeness. Teams can be anything from a pair to a team of six, and even Solo. This also includes the Keg Leg brewery run in Bend.
  2. Keg Leg as an individual: As an individual only participating in the Keg Leg brewery run in Bend.